C# ASP .net application run as current logged in account (admin)

Hi guys i wrote a small application which changes directory and registry on remote computers.  When i set it to run with admin account in IIS it works perfectly.  However i don't want to use one admin account.  I want to have the current logged in user who has rights access the application via IE and make the changes . Right now they all get "access denied" even though  they are all domain admins.

Im sure I'm not defining something correctly. Any help would be appreciated
this is a Windows 7 enviroment

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Set impersonation="true" in the web.config.
kentrg11Author Commented:
do i need <authentication mode="windows">
Yes, impersonation will work with windows authentication (actually a windows user account)
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kentrg11Author Commented:
The application executes fine from the server http://myapp.aspx where the code is uploaded/ aka IIS server.
The trouble is im getting "access denied" when im logged into another PC with the SAME LOGIN.  (admin login)

Its probably a silly IIS setting im missing

btw my web.config is

		<identity impersonate="true"/>
		<authentication mode="Windows"/>
			<deny users="?"/>

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kentrg11Author Commented:
Mods can we move this to IIS category please.
kentrg11Author Commented:
kentrg11Author Commented:
figured it out
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