Change Webpage with Chrome or Internet Explorer

I have a site I frequently visit that uses a select menu with a default value of "5". Using the developer console in Chrome, I know I can manually change some of the HTML locally.

Is there any way, in either IE or Chrome (even with a Chrome extension), to programmatically change that drop down menu automatically every time I visit the page?

Similar Chrome extension seem to do this such as Social Fixer for Chrome - it automatically changes the source code on Facebook to fix certain things on the site.

I don't have access to the web server source code, so this is really my only option.
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I would suggest autohotkey, but this only works if the webpage in question has a unique enough title. If it's just "index", the autohotkey script would fire too many times on websites it's not supposed to.
DVation191Author Commented:
I think I can make it work based on title.

Can you provide a sample script on how I would accomplish this?
Put this all the way at the top of your current autohotkey script.
Adjust the word Inbox to some part of the website's title you mentioned before. It's CASE SENSITIVE! This current script would activate if you opened gmail (since by default it opens your inbox, giving your Chrome window the title "Inbox (x) - xxx@gmail etc), it would then immediately click on Compose, as that's the upper left corner, and then 100px to the right, and 300px down. In your case, you probably have to add one or two more Click commands.

SetTimer, Chrome, 250

SetTitleMatchMode, 1
CoordMode Mouse, Relative
IfWinExist ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1, Inbox
{      WinActivate
      Click 100, 300

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