Convert a Controller-based Access Point CAP-1602i to Autonomous

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We have a CAP1602i but no controller. I need to know if/how to convert it to autonomous mode.
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You should be able to convert it. The difficulty will be in getting the autonomous code. I've taken a 1602 the opposite direction and only had to use the standard archive command just like what would be used on the average switch to convert from autonomous to capwap. Unfortunately, I don't have any specific instructions on going from capwap to autonomous for the 1600 series ap's.

That may serve as a guide, but if the filename is vastly different, you will need to use wireshark to figure out what file is being requested or if your tftp server logs the request.
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The file the AP requests is ap1g2-k9w7-tar.default
You can see which file the AP requests when it tries to initiate the recovery image download.

It's a very simple process to convert the AP.

1] Install a TFTP server on a PC/Laptop

2] Download the Autonomous AP image from the Cisco website.  Save it in the TFTP server's root folder and rename it to ap1g2-k9w7-tar.default
(The file you need to download from Cisco is ap1g2-k9w7-tar.152-4.JA1.tar)

3] Connect the AP to the PC/Laptop via crossover cable or a switch.

4] Configure a static IP on the Laptop of /

5] Hold the MODE button pressed on the AP and power the AP (still pressing the MODE button).  Keep the button pressed for AT LEAST 30s.

The AP will then download the Autonomous image.  Once the download is complete the AP will reload and boot using the new image.

You can view the progress of the download and installation by connecting a console cable to the AP.

Remember to disable the firewall on the Laptop/PC before you start to make sure the AP can connect to the TFTP server.


That was what I needed. Thanks!

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