SBS2011 - created new user and when trying to assign shared calendar permissions - not listed

It has been less than 24 hours since the new user was created in SBS console.  
How do I force the Global address book to update at the workstation. exchange & Outlook is 2010.   The new user can received and send email,  However, the new user is not listed if you use the "To:" button. You have to type in the email address.  How long should this take to propagate?

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Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
The OAB (offline address book) is generated every 24hrs. It is not recommended to change this interval and leave the defaults.

If you want to force this download from the client do the following...
- Open Outlook
- Click File, Account Settings
- Download Address Book

This will download the OAB to the users machine.

Alternatively another thing you can do is tell your users instead of using the GAL click the drop down and select "All Users" when the do a search for that new user they will be present in that list.

Another thing you can do is remove cached exchange mode, which will also have the new user listed in the GAL.

Below is a good KB article for FAQ regarding OAB.

You can also use the EMS to find out all of the OAB settings including the "schedule" of when it runs in your envionrment.
Get-OfflineAddressBook | fl

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