i have 2 databases, db a and db b, db b is a copy of db a, when I insert data into db a the insert is very slow, this is also shown in the awr report, however the insert into db b is fast , everything is setup alike eachother

where exactly can i look in the awr for outright issues relating to this?

i do note db b shows tablescans for the object i am loading into but not for db a

any thoughts ideas?

could we have a rogue index causing this?
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Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
what do you mean with "tablescans"?! what exactly do you "see" ?!

- same or different system/OS/machine?!
- check for differences and/or existance:
  - triggers
  - indexes
  - constraints
  - jobs
- what about the "overall" session activities?!

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rutgermonsAuthor Commented:
any specific reports I can run to help me troubleshoot?

how can i view if my indexes are running optimally?
Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
Nice answer to my question(s) :-(
Would you please be so kind to respond?!
rutgermonsAuthor Commented:
Tablescans was THE clue,thanks
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