Vpro Remote Management NIC Selection

On MOBO's that have Interl Vpro remote management how do you select which NIC you connect to Vpro on if the board has 2 onboard NIC's?
I have a board with 2 OnBoard NIC's and I can only connect to Vpro on one of them and the ther is using ESXI set to static IP and Vpro has a Static IP. I tried to set Vpro to the same IP as the NIC that ESXI is using but it will not connect.
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Neither the Intel VPro setup guide nor the configuration guide show any way to change the NIC assignment.   Unless the system's BIOS provides that feature, I suspect you can't change the NIC that it uses.

... and you can't assign the same IP to both NICs
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