Unable to run VB6 app from console, but not from Scheduled Tasks

We have an old VB6 program that runs on 2008R2, but only when run from the desktop; not from Scheduled Tasks.  The program starts in the background and sits there.  When run from console, it runs fine.  This is an old/unsigned app.
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unknown_routineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The simplest workaround is to make a batch file which opens a DOS prompt and then run your VB6 Exe file inside it.

so you batch file contains:

cmd /c "C:\MyVB6.exe"

And scheduler runs this batch file.
tcloudAuthor Commented:
That did not appear to resolve my issue entirely.  The VB6 program itself runs, but it calls/runs EXCEL.EXE to generate some documents and this is not happening under Scheduled Tast.  It does however run fine from the console using the same credentials.
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