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Steps to copying an Existing Stored Procedure and saving the copy back to the SP list in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Cannot seem to get the SP's I am modifying to save in the Object Explorer List on the left of the SQL SERVER Mngt Studio 2008.

Here is the code I put in what am I doing wrong.
original code:
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc]
What I do with the code
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_RB]

Then I go over to the file section and chose save as ???.SQL then I close the SQL SERVER Mngt Studio 2008 and upon reopen still no new copy of the code I want to work with....?
Can anyone layout the steps........please.
Fletcher Burdine
Fletcher Burdine
3 Solutions
Eugene ZCommented:
make sure the create proc ran in the right db

you need to execute the "create proc"
to insure it
add to query:

use yourDB
create proc
after you run create proc
and there are no errors
- if you wish to see it in GUI:
 right click on DB  (proc) - refresh and check

also you may just check from

use yourdb
select * from sysobjects where name ='Rpt_SalesSummaryAdopted_sproc_RB'
Eugene ZCommented:

How to: Modify a Stored Procedure (SQL Server Management Studio)http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms345356(v=sql.105).aspx

How to: Create a Stored Procedure (SQL Server Management Studio)

just in case
How to: Rename a Stored Procedure (SQL Server Management Studio)
Remember to do a refresh on the server node in SSMS to see the sp in the procedures list.
Beth KludtIndependent Business OwnerCommented:
It sounds like you are creating a script that will create you new sp but then instead of running the script you just save the script (Then I go over to the file section and chose save as ???.SQL ).  You probably entered a file name in the "save as" dialog.  
Open the script back up in Management Studio (File\Open\File) and execute the script.  This will create your new stored proc.
Fletcher BurdineTableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
Thank you for the help.
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