Data Loss on Excel Spreadsheet in DSFR environment

We have a DFSR environment with 2 DFS servers in separate locations (site A and site B).  Each has a copy of an excel spreadsheet. Users in site A makes changes to the document and save them.  The next day when they come in and discover the changes they made the previous day are not there.  The users on site A only access the site A DFS.
Can someone please tell me why this would happen? or at least where to look as a possible reason for this?  Is there an access log you can setup for an excel spreadsheet or on the Microsoft DFSR ?
thank you
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Someone on site b opened and edited the file and saved their opened version last.  Look at the DFSr event log and then consult the conflict folder within dfsrprivate on the share.
The lock file does not replicate because it is always in use which prevents the notice to a user that someone else is using.
A way to avoid this situation is to use a document system that will manage access and will enforce the single user access as well as have the capacity to maintain versioning.
Alfresco, Livelink suite  documentum, etc.
Offhand, I would suspect permission settings. This site may guide you toward protocols, settings and logs and, possibly, a blog community where everybody knows a lot more about the subject than I do.
Matt_KennedyAuthor Commented:

Thank you for the response.  Which of the document systems would you recommend/have experience with?
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