laptop display issue -horizontal lines near bottom

I have a Dell Latitude E5400 with horizontal lines across the bottom of the screen.  They cover approximately the area of the taskbar .  Issue has been present for a while and user has been working around it.  At one point the bottom of the screen may have been mirroring on the top of the screen.  The laptop is not under warranty.

I have not booted to bios to see if the issue is present before booting into windows.  It is not present when looking at the screen through remote connection.  I am fairly certain that I updated the video drivers earlier this year after the problem was initially reported, and it did not resolve the issue.
My initial assessment is that it is hardware related, either the display cable, the connection to the display cable, or damage to the display panel.

I do not have access to spare parts for troubleshooting and hesitate to open the case unless I can resolve the issue.  Other than re seating the display cable, what else can I do?
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It sounds like a line of pixels went bad in the LCD display.  To confirm that it's not a driver issue, boot into bios like you mentioned and check for the same issue.  If it's a problem there, it's definitely something hardware.  You can try reseating the cable to the LCD panel, but more than likely you'll need to replace the panel.
Jerry MillerCommented:
It also could be the inverter board. They are easy to replace and much cheaper than the LCD panel.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
I assume it works fine when you connect an external monitor and it displays good on there.  Then you can target the LCD
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
If it works perfect when hooked up to an external monitor, boot into setup and see if the are lines are displayed. if so, the screen or inverter is bad.

I've had the same problem with lcd screens before. I suggest removing the LCD screen from the lid, get the part numbers from the back and look on ebay for an inexpensive replacement. They are easy to find.

Here is a video that should help

Here are lcd screens on ebay
Mike RoeCommented:
On ebay I usually buy the inverter board and a new screen as a bundle.  They usually have good prices on bundles if you can find them for your model.
AE_JBAuthor Commented:
External LCD is fine.  I have set LCD as primary display and extended display to the laptop, since 95% of the laptop screen (other than the part you need when it is the primary display) is fine.
did you try other resolutions yet?

you can also boot from a bootable cd, for testing the problem :                              ubcd  Win      Knoppix

if it is ok then, the hardware looks ok; and you have to look for software solutions : driver update, bios, update, windows updates
Jerry MillerCommented:
If the lines are only displayed on the laptop LCD, then your screen or inverter board is bad.

DO NOT touch the inverter while the laptop is on. They can get hot enough to burn you.

If you press lightly on the case around the area of the inverter board you may see the issue disappear (or change areas), then it is the board. If pressing around the inverter changes nothing, it is more than likely your LCD.

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AE_JBAuthor Commented:
I disassembled the display and keyboard, and reseated the data connections.  The problem persists.  Issue is present in bios also.
I'll look into replacement parts.    Thanks.
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