SBS 2011 Autodiscover Mail settings.

I've noticed that Most of my servers running where configured using certs for

that seemed to work just fine until Outlook 2013, now all users with Outlook 2013 get a certificate error every time they open open outlook, not really a huge deal but super annoying every single time. the autodiscover options seem to be looking for so name doesn match. and importing the certificate doesn't apear to make any difference even when run as admin is used.

I've never really looked into the SBS Autodiscover or how it works. on a very quick look I'm not seeing an easy fix, but was pretty sure someone has already figured this out.

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R. Andrew KoffronAsked:
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AlexProfiletConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook 2013 is probably connecting using Outlook Anywhere. When that is used it is more picky about certs. Are you using a UCC/SAN or wildcard certificate? These allow you to have one cert for multiple subdomains which is needed by Exchange but you can technically get by without it if you use just the regular Outlook connection. Exchange 2013 uses Outlook Anywhere even locally only so I suspect it is how Outlook 2013 is connection. Outlook anywhere relies on autodiscover and other subdomains. Mail is likely configured somewhere in your Exchange as well.
Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Somewhere you have misconfigured the server to use instead.
Did you setup the server using the wizards? If not, then you need to. Then SBS will setup everything to use

If the clients are NOT members of the domain, but are on your network, then setup an SRV record in your internal DNS for autodiscover.
You will need to do the same on your public DNS and ensure that does not resolve.

Cris HannaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you run the "Setup my Internet Address" wizard from the SBS Console, it defaults to however, it's not mandatory to use
When you get to the text box to enter the (.net, or whatever), you can click on the "advanced" link under the text box and change remote to mail or whatever you want it to be.    

Autodiscover will then be setup with whatever you had previously used in that wizard.

What is the URL you currently use (based on records in your public DNS setup) to get to OWA or RWA?
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