Switch or Hub to branch off public ISP router?

I have a 100Mbps Fiber connection at my ISP router.  I need to connect two networks (two firewalls for different networks) to this ISP.

Can I plug the connection from the ISP into a hub or switch and then from the hub or switch a separate connection to each firewall?

Do I want to use a hub or switch (managed/unmanaged)?

Is there a better way?
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An unmanaged switch will do fine.  Hubs are so 1980s :-)
I believe for this you will need a managed switch, or a router/firewall, with multiple WAN IPs to pass along to the different firewalls. You'd then make assign different WAN IPs to each firewall. Or you could do double NATing but I wouldn't recommend that.
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