Reporting Services Calculated Field Problem

Hi everybody,

I have a calculated field problem in Reporting Services.  I have calculated Count Fields which I will call, Total FingerPrint Scans and Total Manual.  I have determined a Total Checkins which is the FingerPrint Scans + Total Manual.  I need to place another calculated field on my report which I will call % of Scans.  This calulcation is determined by taking the Total Checkins/FingerPrint Scans.  How can I let Reporting Services do the calculation of the % of Scans.

I need to take this and somehow write the textbox field to contain the following calculation:  =Fields!ManualCheckIn.Value+
Fields!FingerPrintScan.Value/Fields!FingerPrintScan.Value in reporting services.

This calculation the way it is written is giving incorrect results and the wrong percentage.

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Tony303Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi jjc,

Are the values in your text box summed first?
I think the correct order to get the percentage should be...


So with the summing(I am presuming you want to look at an overall percentage not a line by line result)

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