Lotus Notes to MS Exchange 2013 and setup

We are doing a small conversion from Lotus Notes 8.5x to Exchange 2013, only mail calendar and local address books.

My question is the setup of Exchange.  I know in 2010 you could use the edge transport server as your smtp and your proxy for OWA and Outlook anywhere.  How would you setup the environment for about 65 mailboxes.  We have a VMware environment so we can have as many servers as we want (within reason).  I would like it to be as secure as possible, we have a checkpoint firewall.  I originally thought I would have a smtp exchange server in the DMZ and a mailbox server inside, using the dmz server as the edge transport.  We will also be installing spam and virus on an exchange server.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  I believe we will be using Quest for the conversion tool.

Thanks again!
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Edge Transport is for SMTP traffic only. Nothing to do with OWA and Outlook Anywhere.
For that you would use TMG.

Putting anything other than Edge in a DMZ is not supported.
Therefore you have three main options.

1. Deploy an Edge Server (Exchange 2010).
2. Have traffic go direct to Exchange.
3. Deploy an appliance or other tool to scan SMTP traffic.

For OWA, you have the same options, except you would need to use TMG to publish Exchange.

If you are going to put something in a DMZ to accept SMTP traffic then antispam on Exchange is a waste - that is too late for effective spam detection. Spam detection should be done at point of entry so you can stop it from even being delivered and don't cause back scatter.


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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Just a question: what are you hoping to achieve by migrating mail? Or is it just an experiment? The end result will be more expensive, that's for sure...
mwebb_sdmcAuthor Commented:
We need to move to either Gmail or Exchange for another application we use that integrates with mail.  Also we don't really have any more LN dB's (mostly one left to get rid of) and it has been a "request" from the executives for quite sometime.  It actually isn't more expensive to move to Exchange (well the conversion is going to cost) but the yearly maint for Exchange and std cals is a little more than half the price of IBM Lotus Notes renewals, of course at our size that cost is pretty minimal, not to mention with the Enterprise cals it is most likely about the same cost.
mwebb_sdmcAuthor Commented:
UAG seems like the way to go, however, I need Exchange for my spam filter, so I guess I have to put it inside, I would rather it in the DMZ.  I have to speak to my vendor maybe there is another way for the virus and spam scanner to work in the DMZ.

Thank you!
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Ah, thanks for the info, really appreciated.

There's an older document that compares two versions of Domino and Exchange, rather interesting. So it all comes down to some executives whining for a tool? We want Outlook, is that it?? How sad... not that they're whining, but that someone actually listens.

By the way, Gmail seems a lot cheaper. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to have the "security" nor "authentication" as offered by Gmail.

Good luck!
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