Working delphi with firebird - Unicode

Hello Guys,

It is my first time that I need to work with Delphi and Firebird to keep hebrew (unicode) characteres.

How should I create my database to support unicode text? That is my problem.

any help how to work, create tables and other thinks that I should know so that I can work with Unicode firebird database correctly I thank very much.

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Nick UpsonConnect With a Mentor Principal Operations EngineerCommented:
create the database with a charset of utf8 or at least create the fields with that (which way you go depends on your database design)

specify utf8 when connecting a client to the database, using whichever tools you use. they should support it.

remember that field sizes are in bytes not characters, so varchar(8) as unicode may only hold 2 characters
MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
What Delphi version? How do you connect to the database?
Ephraim WangoyaCommented:
hidrauAuthor Commented:
Hello Everybody,

Thanks very much for reply and clues.

My delphi version is EX4.

Now, I am gonna take a look at those articles and try to do the clue that NickUpson gave me.

I will return with news.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
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