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Crystal Reports filter content for single reports


I have begun my first crystal report project and I have been able to figure some of the basics out. What I have a need for is to create transcripts for students from an excel sheet that contains all of the students information. There are hundreds of students on this sheet, and while it may be nice to run all reports for all students, 99% of the time it will only be running the report on selected criteria. So I only want to run a transcript report for John Doe. How would I set up that type of filtering, and how would I be able to easily have others determine what reports they want to run. Maybe they want a report from a specific school. Or for every student that has a C or lower grade. I wouldnt possibly require the user to determine a query to use.

What are my options for this type of report being that the data is coming from an XLS file as the system that creates it is a 3rd part that I do not have direct DB access?
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What version of Crystal do you have?

The tag says CR 11 is that CR 2011 or CR XI?

If it is CR 2011 you can have optional parameters
YOu would create a parameter for each field you think the user might want to filter on
You can then use the select expert to filter based on the field and the criteria.

ademboAuthor Commented:
Yes, its 2011, sorry about that. Could you give me a few pointers to what you mean by putting a parameter on each field? Where would i do that?

Thanks for the reply.
IN the field explorer you can create a parameter.

Right click PARAMETERS
Click NEW
Give it a meaningful name
Set the data type
In the options block  set it as optional
SAve it


Enter a filter like
{YourField} = {?Parameter1}


Run the report
You should be prompted for a parameter
If you give it a valid value then it will filter

ademboAuthor Commented:
Exactly what I needed! Thanks
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