Troubleshooting outlook 2007 using gmail / google apps behind the scenes - failed on several users

Several people here seem to be fans of Google apps for email.  I was hoping I'd get pushback to stay with google apps.  so if you are a fan,can you help keep me with them?

company has their domain hosted with google.  old IT guy was unresponsive and they called me in.

about 10 users.  5 are on outlook 2007 and all of them lost the ability to open outlook within the past week.  Looking at configuration of mail on the machines, it says they are using MAPI for that account (not IMAP).  When they try to open,they get an error about the mail file (I'll get the exact verbiage soon).

I wound up deleting that account /  profile under control panel and creating a new profile and IMAP accountand they areusing outlook 2013.  I will get more info, but I know that breaks sync on calendar and contacts to their phones, right? and they are asking about being able to see the boss' calendar like before,etc.

Others in the office are using outlook 2013 as part of office 365 subscription.  They are setup as IMAP accounts and I think they have different needs to share calendars / contacts (I guess - no need)  so imap works for them.

I know the beginning of this gives little to go on, but what woudl you think would break allthe office 2007 / mapi / gasmo? machines.  I ran scanpst,it says there are errors, but can't fix them (the PST is in a c:users\username\appdata\local\google\googlesync\loooooongfilename.pst location).  is that an indication they are using GASMO?

is that PST a true PST or some google contrivance?  seems weird they all broke aroundthe same time & scanPST can't fix them...  and that some in the office are imap and some are MAPI and some are outlook 2007 and some are 2013 is just 'not the right way to do it?'
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Yes the presense of the PST files definitely implies they're using Google App Sync, and yes they're just standard PST files, nothing clever going on there. The exact wordage of the error is probably what we need here.
Regarding using IMAP, it shouldn't affect the phones at all - android and ios both have specific apps for google mail and calendars, so IMAP shouldn't be relevant. Using IMAP on the PCs will mean only email gets syncd, not contacts and calendars - a workaround for the calendars would just be to use a web browser for it...
What happens if you just re-create the GASMO profile for the users (Start --> Programs --> Google App Sync --> Set up a google app sync user) - this will make a new Outlook profile and local PSTs, then re-download all the emails from the interwebs - if this doesn't work you probably need to reinstall Google App Sync, although it's surprising you're seeing this on multiple PCs at the same time.
Don't suppose you've recently changed Antivirus software or anything like that?

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And just to clarify, MAPI accounts are what GASMO creates - it uses it's own protocols and is not (directly at least) in any way related to IMAP, it's just coincidence that they use the same letters. IMAP is purely an email synchronization protocol and doesn't facilitate Calendar or Contact synchronization, whereas MAPI is a much more fully-featured API usually used by Exchange but also used by the Google App Sync Tool as a stepping-stone between Google and Outlook.
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