Join 2 Queries adding a column in Access

Hi Folks,

I'm not sure if this can be done.   I have a crosstab report that shows dppm by category by month and it is dynamic in that it shows the last 6 months of data.  It's working great.  It was quite a haul to get there with all the queries I had to do and the union at the end to get the Gross and Usage Rows.  Here is what the data looks like now.

This is my data now.
What I would like to do is add a column to this that has the same models and categories, but the data would be cumulative.  Not a total of the 6 months, but since the beginning.

Here is what the new column looks like.

Separate data with column
So is there any way to join these two, so that I can make a complete report?

Elena QuinnAsked:
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Elena QuinnAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, I should be more specific.  I can make a simple select query from these two queries, and that will show me what I want to see - for this moment.  But since I need it to be dynamic, and one of these queries has specific dates for field names, how can I dynamically create this?  How do I make the SQL statement to dynamically call out field names?
Could you post a sample db (sanitized)?  (For my purposes, mdb is better.)
Elena QuinnAuthor Commented:
I made two Joined queries and then joined them together to solve this.  Sorry, it was a while ago and I forgot to close this.

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Elena QuinnAuthor Commented:
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