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Hello all,
I'm a system\network admin for about 15 years and I've seen over the last few years how things area changing in our field, in IT in general. I'm not a specialist in any product but know a decent amount of many products, some more than others (MS, Exchange, AD, Cisco ASA and switches, Vmware, SAN, and all the other 3rd party products like Symantec backup exec, Evault, etc..but nothing I know really sticks out as a specialist, I know a good general amount of all these things and can troubleshoot and build a network etc.
My problem, or question is, I dont know where to go next, what to study or specialize in. I say this because the field is changing ever so quickly, I see the system\network admin role dwindling as the cloud is becomming more popular and it seems that more job requirements are asking for Linux and programming or scripting which I know nothing about. Not only that, I woudl like to learn something new, something different. But I dont know what I should choose between learning about supporting the cloud, Linux or scripting using PowerShell (for years I wanted to learn scripting but never did).
Which way is the technology heading? Is it worth it to learn Powershell scripting or would Linux be preferred? What about the cloud? Should I go with that? I wouldnt want to spend a good year or longer on learning something only to find out that I should have chosen something else.
What are your suggestions?
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I would be inclined to pursue my own personal interests not what the modern day dictates as the next new fad.
As the the proverb goes when the grasshopper knows the question he is ready for the answer.
tolinrome no matter what,  the core values and skills are never lost, all new technology is still built on them and is still needed and if you have a particular interest try googling,
Look in youtube for example for the advance of these tools you do have experience with.
It has become the place to find out anything in video on your particular topic of curiosity or interests.
Go to the latest exhibitions showing the new technology.
Do you like building/ assembly/  fixing? Or designing? Writing, solving problems or programming?
About studying for a year, personally it never stops, learning studying is ever ongoing just expanding on what I have already.
For me learning the base level of how a computer system functions is the real core and that knowledge carries ever onwards with the new hardware or how security is programmed storage and backup etc
Take the new SSD drives.
Or the new UEFI bios, well not really new but is now being used.
Understanding this is fundamental to the core for everything else.
Pick a subject.
Java  programmers is very sought after.
Distributed Systems,
MySql ,
Virtualization, Maven, Software Development
Networking protocols, Programming.
Web Design
Artwork graphics work.
You could just about teach yourself anything if dedicated enough.
Depends on how you wish to use it.
Being a member here on EE we learn a lot as that is the part of the Exchange of Experts.
Hope it helps a little and best wishes with it.

Regards merete

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