windows 8 shutdown script

Is there a shutdown script available for Windows 8 that I can push out?
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Ben Personick (Previously QCubed)Connect With a Mentor Lead Network EngineerCommented:
This command can be used on the local computer, such as in a scheduled task
Shutdown /s /t 3 /d p:0:0

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To run it on a remote computer use
Shutdown /s /t 3 /d p:0:0 /m \\Computername

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If you have a large list you can use a simple batch script to loop through them, or simply load the remote shutdown GUI using:
Shutdown /i

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The above command will load a simple GUI where you can enter all the names of the computers you want to shut down and let you set all appropriate options for them, and then let you execute the shutdowns.
bizzie247Author Commented:
Ben Personick (Previously QCubed)Lead Network EngineerCommented:
No problems!  thanks for the points! :)
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