Poweredge 840 Xeon upgrade

Have a PE 840 with a core duo that I would like to upgrade to a  XEON 3050 DUAL-CORE because of VT not being supported with that cheap chip.

Is it possible?
And if so ,any gotchas?
LVL 30
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PowerEdgeTechConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Yes, according to the Dell specs, that is a supported CPU.  Dell (Financial Services - off-lease, etc.) sold the system with the 3050, so there should be no issue.  Just update the BIOS and ESM/BMC before upgrading.

pgm554Author Commented:
Saw that in the orig ship builds ,all BIOS is a current rev and I see a pulls for 29 bucks on the web.

If this had been an AMD cheap server chip,VT would be no big thing,but Intel is just as bad as M$ when it comes to gotchas'.

I noticed that most AMD multi core chips ship (even the cheap ones) ship with VT enabled.
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