Topics to cover in a SAN / storage training

EMC enquired what I would like to be covered in a
bundled training (that comes with our purchase)
they're offering.  I can only think of the following:

a) zoning of Brocade & Cisco MDS switches (as these
    are the two most commonly used fibre switches) for
    SAN & tape drives in the industry.
    Hard & soft zoning setup

b) monitoring & checking on performance bottlenecks
    including enabling caching & how effective is the
    caching (cache hits ? )

c) Differences between various types of port settings
    on the FC switch & server HBA ports :
    L-ports, N-ports, NL-ports, F-ports etc :

d) remote support (ESRI)

e) logs/items to collect when escalating to EMC

f) create diskgroups, RAID types

f)  LUNs presentation

h) vSAN (& fibre switch to fibre switch connectivity)

i)  VPLEX & EMC’s replication technologies

k) auto-tiering of storage types & how to check
    for bottlenecks if increasing SSD will help with
    performance (ie hot spots had saturated SSD)
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
l) in IBM terms, there's a term called "Customer Replaceable Units"
   & I was told by a vendor that HDDs & cache batteries & Fan can
   be changed by customer themselves.  So should I request for how
   to replace HDDs, cache batteries, fan?
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Snapshots and how they be integrated with your existing backup solution.   Attaching external storage and managing them from within the EMC San console.   Duplication and deduplication will be another good topic.  Of yor new SAN is a VNX then you may want to learn unified management which is NAS management for creating things such as NFS shares.  Iscsi management would be high on my list.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Yes, it's a VNX.  No plan to use NAS/NFS.  Is iSCSI a very in-thing
for SAN nowadays?  So far all the projects I've seen are purely
Fibre SAN LUNs presentation, no IP SAN nor iSCSI
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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Iscsi is the new in thing as you can use 10gb cards or use multiple nics bonded together. This way you could save on finer switches, cables, etc.
Iscsi is a cheaper way to implement a SAN but consideration falls into what services use the SAN, I.e. A heavily queried database will benefit from FC connection unless you plan on buying the higher cost 10G Ethernet cables/cards/switches which might be comparable in price to the FC cards/switches.
If your SAN is for file sharing, etc. iscsi will do fine using the 1GB
Back to your question, you should have everything that your people will do internally as well as cover how to recover from failures, unless you are willing to wait for their rep to come out.

Replacing drives are fairly straight forward, the failed drive is pulled and a new one plugged in the setup often includes a hot swap drive which when a drive fails, the swap drive became active.

EMC has sans that can support both an FC infrastructure and an iscsi one.

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I would have thought a key issues was the performance implications of RAID Types. What are the trade-offs between performance and capacity? If you are using Virtual Machines where should you thin provision. What's the performance issue of thin provisioning?
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