Installing Oracle 11g on windows 7

I am new to Oracle and a novice. I downloaded oracle 11g from Oracle for Oracle web site and installed. When i try to run Oracle I get a prompt to enter a user name and a password or i get a DOS screen!
There was no prompt when installing Oracle to ask for a user name and password. I feel lost. I tried to read Oracle documentations on the net but they are as clear as mud.
Help needed to make sense of installing and running Oarcle. Why cannot oracle make database work as easily as SQLSERVER?
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Haresh NikumbhConnect With a Mentor Sr. Tech leadCommented:
Password:The password u gave during installation.

also refer below link  step by step guide for oracle installation i hope you get hint when and what password you have entered
Patrick BogersConnect With a Mentor Datacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

Probably because they face some patented MS issues :)
If you feel like looking at this step by step tutorial you will install 11g without any problems.
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