3.5 how to detect if page is being refreshed


I am using a third party component which is sadly unsupported for various reasons. This component isn't working properly if the webpage is refreshed. The component outputs an image which is displayed on screen and if the page is refreshed after a notable delay (I'm not sure how long, 5 minutes or more) the image isnt displayed properly.

I dont think I will be able to find the problem with the component so I will have to work around it.

Is there anyway I can detect if a page has been refreshed in and force the page to load again fully?

thanks a lot
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nashim khanConnect With a Mentor Exchange AdministratorCommented:
.NET 3.5 can very well handle the browser back (and forward) buttons. Search with Google: "Scriptmanager EnableHistory". You can control which user actions will add an entry to the browser's history (ScriptManager -> AddHistoryPoint) and your ASP.NET application receives an event whenever the user clicks the browser Back/Forward buttons.

See the below link FYR.

Nashim Khan
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