Alternatives To PayPal's PreApproved Payments


Does anyone know if there is an alternative to PayPal's pre approved payments.

I have a crowdfunding website that allows my users to make preapproved donations which are then collected at the end of an event and sent directly to the charity IF the event is successful, and if the event is not successful, the donations are not collected - www[DOT]icharityu[DOT]com

A user clicks Donate on an event page, enters their donation amount, along with leaving a message and then they are brought to PayPal to process their donation.

I've recently found out that 60% of my users stop with their donations when they land at PayPal... and a recent survey also showed that my users would much prefer to just enter their credit card details directly on the site.

I need to find some other way to process payments as i am losing too many donations.


My options are:

A - find a new payment provider that will allow me to authorise a payment from a credit card for up to 90 days (doubt this is possible)

B - change my business model and use a normal credit card screen, and then process all payments directly from a credit card to an escrow account... where the funds will stay until a decision has been made if the event is successful or not. If the event is successful, send the funds from the escrow account to the charity account. If the event is not successful, give my users 7 days to click the refunds button in their account, otherwsie the funds will be automatically sent to the charity anyway... if a user clicks REFUND, they will get their funds back minus the transaction and refund fee... this will need to be HIGHLIGHTED at the start when a user is making their donation.

I am not sure if A is possible... and i think B might p*ss some users off when they make a donation and end up getting refunded minus a transaction and refund fee.

A big thanks to anyone here who has any other ideas or advice... it would be much appreciated.
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Forget PayPal and Google for 'crowdfunding options ireland'
There are a number of companies that specifically do this kind of thing, a number of which operate in Ireland.
But make sure you do your research on them first, as some may withhold funds for several months (if you ever listen to Joe Duffy!).
Your business model doesn't really fit the typical payment methods.
oo7mlAuthor Commented:
Thanks Gary,

Much appreciated, can you suggest a few names / companies who cater for my needs please.

I think option B would be a better plan but a little worried that some of my donators would complain that they don't get their full amount refunded.
I wouldn't make any suggestions as I have never used any - just do plenty of research.
B. - A bad idea, your CC company would not like lots of refunds being made and donator's would be assuming no money would be taken until the event is going ahead.
Additionally these type of CC charges on whatever merchant account you currently have is likely/maybe prohibited as well as having nothing to do with your current business. Web payments are seen as high risk and usually require additional authorization before being approved.

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