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I use below code to get Invoices details from my Database,
the issue I have is, if the number  of pieces is 0 for an order number, then it will not display the order info.

Your help is appreciated,

;WITH CTE1 AS (SELECT foi.Invoicenumber,FO.OrderNo,OrderDate,AccountNumber,Caller,Department,Reference,DeliveredTime,
ServiceTypeID, (Select Description from ServiceTypes where ServiceTypes.ServiceTypeID = fo.ServiceTypeID) AS [Service],
fo.Weight,fo.CubedWeight,fop.pieceno, pt.description, WaitingTimeDriver1,WaitingTimeDriver2,POD,Operator,Instructions,
ISNULL((SELECT dbo.GetOrderExtras(fo.Orderno)), '')  AS [ExtrasBreakDown],
(WaitingTimeAmount + PackageAmount + AfterHoursAmount + InsuranceAmount) AS [Other_Amount],
FROM finalizedorders fo JOIN FinalizedOrderPackages fop ON fo.orderno = fop.orderno JOIN finalizedordersinvoices foi ON fo.orderno = foi.orderno JOIN Packagetypes pt ON fop.packagetypeid = pt.packagetypeid
WHERE ((foi.invoicenumber = @InvoiceNumber))) ,
AS (SELECT *, row_number() OVER ( PARTITION BY invoicenumber, orderno, Description ORDER BY PieceNO DESC) rn FROM CTE1 c1),
AS (SELECT DISTINCT InvoiceNumber, OrderNo,OrderDate,AccountNumber,Caller,Department,Reference,DeliveredTime,
DeliveryCountry,DeliveryContact,DeliveryPhone,ServiceTypeID, Service,Weight,CubedWeight,sum(PieceNO) OVER (  PARTITION BY invoicenumber, orderno) PieceNO, rtrim(substring(isnull((SELECT ',' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, PieceNO) + ' '+ Description
FROM CTE2 c1 WHERE c1.rn = 1 AND c1.invoicenumber = c2.invoicenumber AND c1.orderno = c2.orderno FOR XML PATH('')), ' '), 2, 2000)) Description , WaitingTimeDriver1,WaitingTimeDriver2,POD,Operator,Instructions,ExtrasBreakDown, WebOrder,PickupDriver,DeliveryDriver,DeclaredValue,InsuranceRequired,Sales1Commission,Sales2Commission,BaseAmount,WeightAmount,WaitingTimeAmount,PackageAmount,
VehicleAmount,AfterHoursAmount,InsuranceAmount,FuelAmount,DiscountAmount,Other_Amount, Tax1Amount,Tax1Rate,Tax1Name,Tax1ID,Tax2Amount,Tax2Name,Tax2ID,SubTotalAmount,TotalAmount FROM CTE2 c2 WHERE c2.rn = 1) SELECT * FROM CTE3
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
>FROM finalizedorders fo JOIN FinalizedOrderPackages
Without going through all of your code, if fo is 'order info' and FinalizedOrderPackages is the 'number of pieces', then you'll need to change the JOIN to a LEFT JOIN so that all fo rows with no corresponding FinalizedOrderPackages  is returned.

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W.E.BAuthor Commented:
That did it,
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Thanks for the grade.  Good luck with your code.  -Jim
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