GUI font unreadable - Linux system rescue CD

I am working on a Dell Dimension 2400 system with Win XP SP3 and an Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV graphics controller (using most recent driver update version dated 12.16.2009).

I am using the Linux system rescue CD to do partitioning work. After I boot the system using the rescue CD and go into the Linux GUI, the toolbar, system tray, and jump lists font in the GUI are heavy bold and unreadable. First time I have experienced this problem. Have not encountered this situation before when using the Linux rescue CD with similar systems. I used the same system rescue CD to boot another system and had no problems with the GUI font.

Any ideas or suggests for correcting this problem?

Many thanks ...
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lower the resolution to 800x600.
The issue might be related to the resolution you picked not being supported by the display/graphics card.
I.e. The rescue cd is unable to properly interact with the graphics card/display.
What option are you choosing after running
% wizard

In the boot menu of System Rescue CD, I usually start with option 3
framebuffer console in high resolution
RBurdonAuthor Commented:
Arnold & Darr247:
Many thanks for the quick response ...

The graphics controller is 10 years old and I thought it might be a resolution problem between the graphics controller and the rescue cd.

As Darr247 suggested, I used option 3 "framebuffer console in high resolution" in the rescue cd boot menu. That improve the situation somewhat, but reading the text was like looking through a fogged window pane; still very hard to read.

I also attempted to use a gparted live cd and experienced the same problem.

I guess this maybe one of those situations where the hardware is out of date with currently available resources when booting outside of the windows interface.

Thanks again for your help ...

RBurdonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Arnold ...

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