MS Query and Office 365

I am thinking of changing from Office 2010 to Office 365.

Do you use MS query?

Will MS query work with full functionality in Office 365.
Can it be used anywhere when signed in to Office 365?

Thank you
David PhelopsAsked:
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Zack BarresseConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
Oh I hear ya there! Takes some getting used to for sure. The 5 licenses is very nice and a good selling point. Works for other members of your family/household as well. The nice thing about it is the actual install of Office isn't cloud-based (minus the installation part). :)

Zack BarresseCEOCommented:
Hi there,

Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes sir. It's still included in all versions of Office, including the 365 SKU's. :)

I'm not 100% sure what you mean as "when signed in to Office 365". I don't believe you can use it in the web app. All versions of Office 2013 take Windows ID sign-in's. Is that what you're referring to?


Zack Barresse
David PhelopsAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much - I guess I was slightly unsure.  It seems to be clearer now.
As i understand the license to use Windows 365 requires that applications still have to be dowloaded to local pcs and are not  web applications.

Do i understand correctly?

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
David Phelops
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Zack BarresseCEOCommented:
Yes, in almost all circumstances. Office 365 is different, but if you get one which contains Office (you can get them without the apps if you want, i.e. Exchange email only), there are some things which we know will be for sure. They will install via click to run, which is a web installer. You can actually start using the programs before they're fully installed. The idea (from Microsoft) is that you can start using the apps as soon as the shells are there and features will finish installing in the background. I find it kind of weird, especially opposed to the traditional 'double-click file to run, get a progress bar' approach.

The SKU's available are slightly different than if you were to buy the full Office Professional Plus, but not all, and not by much. I can't speak for all the apps, I mostly know Excel intimately. For example, there is a ProPlus version of Office you can get with Office 365. This is the only version of Office 365 which comes with Power Pivot (for Excel). The only two other ways to get it are to either do volume licensing or buy the standalone version.* As far as Excel goes the other SKU's are basically identical.

* This is currently not available, but Microsoft is working on the update to apply this. (See:

Clear as mud, right? :) If you purchase an Office 365 subscription I recommend researching the right plan first. A little bit of time in the beginning could save you a lot of time in the end (like if you choose the wrong plan, which happens, a lot).

David PhelopsAuthor Commented:
Hi Zack

Thanks for the update - that's really helpful.

After some research and consideration I believe that the best package for me will be the Office 365 Home Premium.

I work mainly on my own, at home and at clients' offices. As a spreadsheet developer I often use a client's version of Excel with access to his/her server.

If I buy a stand-alone licence, I will be restricted to one pc, so would then have have to purchase two versions to be mobile.  (Unless I forsake my desktop pc, which I do not want to do).  Also, the advantage of 365 is the constant upgrading that licencing provides.

Thwe more I ponder, the more sense it makes to go with 365, rather than stand-alone.
Now all I have to do is to psychologically embrace cloud computing and there we are....

David PhelopsAuthor Commented:
Clear and friendly advice... Thanks very much
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