Cannot initiate an .rdp session to DNS Name after Reboot (2K8 R2)

Just as the title says, I'm having a problem initiating a .rpd session after the target computer is rebooted.

- Target computers are 2k8 R2 servers.
- Host server is 2k8 R2

I have a 2k8 R2 level AD running on a small network.  If I terminal in after a server is running then the .rpd session intiates just fine.  If I reboot the server, I'm then forced to wait roughly 15-30 mins before the dns hostname becomes available again.  

Using the ip address of the system does initiate a session.

Any ideas?   I'm thinking dns and something like not registering upon boot... but I've never dealt with this area much.
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Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Does this server have any sort of time sync issues with the PDC? If it is more than 5 minutes out it can create issues with authentication and DNS. Check that first.

If the time sync is out run "w32tm /resync" (no quotes)

If the machine continues to lose the time sync you may need to reset the secure connection or simply re-join it to the domain.

Also doing an ipconfig /flushdns on the terminal server would be another thing you can try.

 Also have you checked the connection "secure channel" as well?

Secure Connection:
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
First thing would be to check the event logs on the server in question. Another thing i would check are all of the services to ensure that they are starting, especially the "netlogon" service.


irishmic33Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  I need to get back in front of a station to check, may be a little bit later.
irishmic33Author Commented:
Just to be thorough I recreated the issue with cleared logs.  Here is the sequence.

1.) Login to target server via .rdp session using hostname.

2.) Cleared logs on target machine.

3.) reboot target machine. (watching via ping when it's back up.)

(server successfully reboots)

4.) Attempt to login to target server via .rdp session using hostname.

First error:
1st error...
Connection attempt with hostname.
.rdp hostname
then the subsequent error:
Then it returns to the desktop.

If I attempt with IP it connects without issue.
success with IP

There are no known errors listed in the logs.  Plenty of informationals, but no warnings or errors.
irishmic33Author Commented:
Good Work Spec01...

You were dead on, it was the secure connection settings.
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