Is there a Cisco switch command to find what switch a computer is connected to on a vlan

I want to know if there is a Cisco command I can use on a VTP domain to find what switch a computer is connected too. I work on a network that has many switches and many computers connected to the switches. There is a 6509 that is used as the VTP domain server for all the switches. Vlans are configured on various switches, but all switches are part of the same VTP domain. Spanning-tree root bridge is on the VTP server for all vlan's.

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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the show mac address-table command (or show mac-address table on some versions of IOS).  VTP doesn't really come into it - this only pushes VLANs to switches and has nothing to do with actual L2 or L3 functions.

This will show you which port a particular MAC address can be reached on or via.  If you issue the command at your core switch it will show you which port it can see a MAC address on.  If another switch is connected to that port you just SSH to that switch and issue the command again until you find the MAC address.
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