Asus X53E-RH91power problems

My client has an asus laptop running win7.  The only way he can get AC power is by putting the laptop on end and pushing the adapter in hard.  If he does this you can see the charging light connect.  Is there any inexpensive fix for this?  It's a pretty decent laptop and it would be a shame to have to get a new one just because of this.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
probably it is the DC jack that has a bad contact
you can easily replace and repair that yourself 10-20 $ if you can solder, and are able to open the laptop:
here a nica guide  for it :

you find also lots of youtubes :
Dan CraciunConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
If it's still under warranty, send it to Asus and they will repair it. Probably not for free, but not for a lot. The problem is that it will take at least 1 week.

If it's older, simply take it to the nearest repair shop that you trust. They will repair it in under 1 hour (either the jack/cable is defective or the socket in the laptop is broken). All can be resolved with a soldiering iron, a power meter and some patience.
alanlsilvermanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the excellent advice.  Will do.
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