dv9000 laptop LCD cable wires- not sure where to tuck them

Hi, I took apart my DV9000 to change a broken hinge, and I always take detailed photos incase I have problems when I put it back together to see where the parts go, but I did not for this one because I figured it would be easy since I did several of them before.

This one was horrable, the hinges were suposed to be OEM but they are aftermarket and they do not even fit correctly. I thought i was doing something wrong since I could not get it to fit, but turns out the aftermarket hinge fits a bit differently so that was my problem.

In trying to fit it in place I do not remember the positioning of the wires on the right and left sides. I cant remember if they should go under the hinger or over the hinge or what.

Does anyone have any photos or can anyone link me to a photo of how to install the cables? I googled it and can not locate any info showing how to position them. I tried watching youtube videos to see if I can notice how the wires are positioned but all the videos do not show that area up close.

does anyone have any ideas? below are photos of how it currently is

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hydrive1902Author Commented:
thanks a million! I was able to get it put back together with that photos!
hydrive1902Author Commented:
Thanks! It worked!
Great, glad I was able to help!
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