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MacBook Losing Available Space Constantly

I am working on a MacBook with Lion 10.7.5 installed. It has an issue where about 9mb/minute are being removed from the available disk space as long as the system is running. I created a new profile and found the problem persists there as well. It is not connected to a network during this process and TimeMachine is not activated. Any ideas of what could be using up this space?
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Open console and see if it tells you what is writing to the hard drive. Sounds like a runaway log file.
Grand Perspective may be able to show you where the space is going, but it won't tell you what is doing it.
Try to close down all the running applications. I guess some running app like photoshop, or movie consuming your disk space. The best way is go to Activity Monitor to see which app is consuming disk space and CPU the most, kill it. You will be fine..
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Are you running FCP? It will create lot of render files constantly I would suggest use an external harddrive for FCP as it will take lot of disk space.  Even photoshop creates tmp files.
 check your drive for *.tmp and remove them.
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Thanks to the experts who offered solutions, however the problem was solved with my own research.