Logitech telling us we have an unsecure network and trying to charge $99?

My boss is trying to set up a Logitech webcam on his computer in the office and he called Logitech support, and they were trying to fix it and could not so he let him on his computer he said he could not fix it because:

Not secure network
Get rid of unauthorized users
Network access Protection
Agent-stopped net login stopped

He says he can do it for $99 or call Geek Squad, claims this is serious and needs to be fixed by a network specialist.

We have a Hardware Firewall/Security gateway with no open ports other than whats used by Windows server 2012 Remote Web Access. Our WiFi is WAP/AES with a good password, what could this guy be talking about? Is this a scam?
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Are you saying that the Logitech guy couldn't get on your computer?  Then it might be because access is blocked through your security settings.  It might be bogus and it sounds like you're staying on top of things, but here's a free tool that can give you a more in-depth view of any potential concerns:

matthewmalk248Author Commented:
He was able to remote in using logmein, but apparently said he couldn't help my boss until he secured the network.  I'll run nmap and post results
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
Meh. sounds like an excuse. tell your boss to put it back in the box and take it back to the shop, tell THEM that logitech said it wouldn't work because his network isn't secure, therefore the product isn't fit for purpose and he wants his money back :)
Managing Security Policy in a Changing Environment

The enterprise network environment is evolving rapidly as companies extend their physical data centers to embrace cloud computing and software-defined networking. This new reality means that the challenge of managing the security policy is much more dynamic and complex.

Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I don't think your boss actually talked to Logitech support.  Probably one of the scammers out there that pose as Logitech support.  There are others that pose as AOL or Microsoft support also.

And your network does not have to be secure for a web cam to work.  That's nonsense.
matthewmalk248Author Commented:
Thats what I thought DaveBaldwin, what threw me off was the guy telling him to take it to geek squad
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Well, Geek Squad is even more expensive than he is.  Make sure and delete / erase the LogMeIn link on that computer.
matthewmalk248Author Commented:
THat kinda makes sense, him saying $99 or call geek squad which would probably be $200+.
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
It's a scam, find the number he called and then google it.
NEVER use logmein, never ever ever... this is not how any respectable company troubleshoots, they have to walk you through it, they should never been connected to your network and administering your computer. I'd reimage your bosses computer, and make sure others aren't compromised.

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