How do you change the default email in Exchange 2013?

I was trying to change the default email in Exchange 2013, but I am evidently missing something.

I opened Exchange ECP, selected the email and email address I want as the default.  The description above the email list box even says...

Each email address has one default reply address. To change the default reply address, select the email address that you want to set as the default and then double click to edit it.

I can double click on the address I want to be the default, but there is no setting to make it the default and editing it does not make it the default when I close the edit dialog box.

What am I missing?
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Exchange_ImranConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Create a new or edit the existing email address policy.

Imran Shariff
AlexProfiletConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Uncheck "automatically update email address..." checkbox then you should be able to do it if this is for one user. Follow the above advice if it is for all users.
asciiassasinAuthor Commented:
Most excellent!
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