Buying MS office on ebay - do you think this is genuine? (I have to get MS office 2010 not 2013)

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OxygenITSolutionsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use Paypal to purchase. If it's not genuine, raise a dispute.
byundtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The price is certainly high enough to make me think the item is genuine. In the US, the three user Home and Student version had a list price of $199 and often sold for $149.95.

Are you locked into Office 2010 because you run Windows XP? If not, why can't you use Office 2013--the academic prices for Office 365 are great.
fcekAuthor Commented:
End user is doing a course in Office 2010.  Have to get it.
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End user is doing a course in Office 2010.
If end user were taking a class to become certified in Office 2010, that would be a good reason to get that version. Likewise, if end user were teaching a class in Office 2010.

But if the end user is taking a class in Office to improve his skills, the version isn't so important. Office 2013 didn't drop any significant features from Office 2010. It would be worth checking with the instructor to see if Office 2013 is OK since it is more readily available.
Let's stick to the topic please.
Adam BrownConnect With a Mentor Sr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
If the item is as advertised, it should be genuine. A sealed product should not have been activated, since the seal must be broken to get the activation key. As was mentioned, if the product cannot be activated after installtion, eBay provides resources for getting your money back due to fraud.
fcekAuthor Commented:
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