Lync 2013 SIP trunk to Cisco CME - clients can't call each other

Lync 2013 and Cisco CME 8.5.

Trying to get a Lync Client (installed on PC) to dial Cisco CME extensions (and ultimately via the CME SIP trunk to the PSTN - but one thing at a time).

On the Lync side I have a PSTN gateway and Trunk configured in the topology builder using the IP address of the CME Service Engine - TCP port 5060, and configured the Mediation server to use the PSTN Gateway.

As near as I can tell, I have a dial plan, voice policy, route, PSTN usage, and trunk configured to dial the CME extensions from Lync.

When the Lync client dials the Cisco extension, the response is error  10001 (source ID 243).

On the Cisco side, I am debugging SIP messages and see nothing from Lync (I see some random SIP traffic from other sources, so I know the router is seeing SIP traffic).

Similarly, a Wireshark on the Lync server with capture filter ("host <cme router ip>") shows no packets when the Lync Client attempts the CME extension.

There are a few guides out there for Lync to CME, but they are Lync 2010, and based on UK dial plans, so I'm having a hard time translating to Lync 2013 *and* to US regex patterns.

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snowdog_2112Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I had the Lync network in an isolated subnet behind a different Cisco router, with a GRE tunnel between the Lync subnet and the interface running CME.

I moved the Lync subnet into the same subnet as CME, and the connection between the two systems started working.

CME - router 1 inside:

Lync router inside:

So, even though there was a route and tunnel between (lync) and (CME), apparently there is some "funkyness" in that setup.
snowdog_2112Author Commented:
snowdog_2112Author Commented:
Hellooooo...<taps mic> this thing on?

Is nobody connecting Lync to a Cisco system?
snowdog_2112Author Commented:
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