use see to extract what is required

How can I get the version of the os from Redhat with redhat-release file and use sed to extract it in order it reads for example 6.2 ? It doesn't have to use redhat-release but i don't know of any other way to determine the os level.
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd suggest using "awk".

A solution could look like this:

awk -F"[rR]elease " '{print $2}' /etc/redhat-release |cut -f1 -d" "

This could also work:

awk -F"[rR]elease | \\\(" '{print $2}' /etc/redhat-release

or this:

awk '{sub("^.*[rR]elease ","",$0);sub(" .*","",$0);print}'  /etc/redhat-release

And if it has to be "sed":

sed 's/^.*[rR]elease //; s/ .*//' /etc/redhat-release

The above might not work as desired due to a different structure of the release file on your system. If so please post the contents of your /etc/redhat-release file!

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