Installing XenApp 6.5 - which downloads needed?

About to install XenApp 6.5...

From all the downloads, feature packs, updates...

What Items should I download to get an up-to-date Citrix XenApp installation?
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You'll want the following:

XenApp 6.5

The latest hotfix rollup (Think of this like a service pack but only fixes, no features)

Feature Pack 2 (Think of feature packs like service packs, except feature focued not patch focused). There will probably be a bunch of installers in this which updates various components in XenApp if it is like previous feature packs I've installed. You only need to update things you'll use.

I'd recommend installing in that order as well.
DWStovallAuthor Commented:
Thanks Alex, but I need clarification.  Do I start with a basic install?

I never seem to know which files to start with.
There should be a installer that gives you options on what to install. The standard installer where you put all roles on one server or the component installer (it's an option on the menu not a separate installer) where you select the components/roles. If you only have one server in your design just go through the normal guided install process and it'll install licensing an web interface and other things you need. Unfortunately I'm not in a place to give more detail than that since I don't have the installer in front of me. Should be easy to find in the folder though or auto running it is a cd.
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DWStovallAuthor Commented:
I've installed XenApp many times, but I never know where to start.  There's a basic download, then there's the FP1 and FP2 and then a bunch of rollups and updates.  I need to know a starting point where I might be able to skip this or that - like go to this file start here, next, etc.

I'd like to give you the points, but I need a better answer.

Thank you...
Do the basic install first. That installs XenApp.  The feature pack and hotfix roll ups are updates to the basic install. I don't think you need to install FP1 before FP2 but I'm not certain. I recommend installing the basic install followed latest hotfix rollup then the feature pack.
Also don't bother with the single updates unless you have the problem described, that's Citrix's recommendation.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
1. Install Windows first (no patching)
2. Install applications
3. Install XenApp
4. Windows update
5. Install rollup pack 2
6. Install feature pack 2
7. Install any subsequent critical hotfixes or as required by your environment.

P.S. Btw rollup pack 1 and 2, you need to install the latter only. Btw FP 1 and 2, you need to install the latter only. Btw rollup pack 2 and FP 2 you need to install first the one released before the other. Rollup pack 2 is released in Jun and updated in Aug. FP 2 I guess was released in July. Therefore install rollup pack 2 first and then FP 2.

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