HP Procurve support for /31 subnet on WAN interface

Hi all :)

We are about to switch our data circuit to fibre and part of that is an real world IP change. I just found out this morning talking to the ISP tech to be aware that some router/firewalls don't support /31 subnets (

Does anyone know if the HP Procurve 7102dl will support this?

tracyprierNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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pjwallisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know all the HP Procurve gear I have worked on has user defined subnets.
You don't pick a subnet from a limited pull down menu like some of the down market items, but type in the subnet you want.

Go into the device and have a look at the settings for the subnets and you will find it's all user settable.

You could ring HP support and confirm with a technician, to remove any lingering doubts. I have done this on many occasions, so I know it's all going to work.  

You could also ask the helpful ISP tech what ones don't support it. I would expect an answer of some of the home user market ones.

I had a Linksys router years ago, which they argued was home user and didn't support a user defined subnet. I told them that at $800 it wasn't a home use item and they should show some understanding of this. The very next firmware update fixed the issue. Lynksys is the down market side of Cisco, but I would think it's above the dlink and associated gear. I love my dlink (user defined subnet) running my home office but would go to HP Procurve  or similar gear for the work office everytime.

Hope this is helpful.
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