cisco router different timezones

Hi Experts,

I would like to see if you could provide me with a list of the different timezones?
I know the one for pacific time like: config(config)#clock timezone pst -8 and
(config)#clock timezone PDT recurring.  I try to check on the other timezones but is kind of confusing for me.

Please advise
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gt2847cSr. Security ConsultantCommented:
Here's Cisco's documentation on valid timezones....
chenzoviccAuthor Commented:
I see but let me ask you? on this example you do not configure the second PDT but you configure PDT recurring, right?
What about with CST you will configure -6 but on the CDT you will do recurring  and not CDT -5, right?

Pacific Standard Time, as UTC -8 hours
Pacific Daylight Saving Time, as UTC -7 hours
gt2847cSr. Security ConsultantCommented:
You configure the daylight savings as a second command...  For Example:

clock timezone EST -5
clock summer-time EDT recurring

Sets for Eastern Timezone with daylight savings

Central would be

clock timezone CST -6
clock summer-time CDT recurring

This article describes the changes that Cisco made to IOS to adjust for the new daylight savings time for 2007 and later.  You'll have to check the version of IOS you are running to see if it was updated or not.

If you want to specify when DST takes effect, you can use the extended options for the clock summer-time command

An example to manually configure the DST for Eastern Time Zone:

clock summer-time EDT recurring 2 Sun Mar 2:00 1 Sun Nov 2:00

The above sets DST to start on the second Sunday in March at 2 AM and end on the first Sunday in Nov at 2 AM

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chenzoviccAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your explanation. I understand better with the examples you provided.
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