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I have a website form that I exported as XML that I'd like to do a large number of changes that involve duplicating some (not all) content. If I open the XML with MS Excel, it opens in Table view which is perfect for me to dump data into the columns from a CSV and duplicate the other cells in the row.

The problem is that I wish to save it in the original XML format (so I can import back into my website as a form), but I get the error message "Cannot save or export XML data. The XML Maps in this workbook are not exportable".

How can I overcome this problem?
Reece DoddsAsked:
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jkpieterseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Excel cannot export to XML structures which have more than one level of nesting.
You will have to write VBA code to do the export to XML yourself.
Reece DoddsAuthor Commented:
I've thoroughly read that prior to asking this question and it DOES NOT offer any explanation or, more importantly, solution to the reasons I can't export.

I am opening the XML with Excel, adding a heap of data to one or two columns, and duplicating the data down the rows for all other columns...

I'm not starting from scratch or compiling an XML using imports etc.

When I click the Verify Map for Export link in the Source section, I get the following error, which the article you linked addresses, but does not offer a resolution for.
verify map for export
I attached the files I've been working with so people could understand what I'm trying to do...  so have a play with them and see if there is a better suggestion you could offer.

I'm not a data format professional by any name and my knowledge of XML is really limited.
Is there a special reason why you do not use a HTML-editor when editing a webpage? Because that seems the proper way to do it.
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