Lync Voicemail time stamp and recieved times don't match

We have an anomaly with our voicemails. We have  noticed that the time that a voicemail is recorded and the time that it is received in our Voicemail inbox is quite different.

For example a voice mail shows as  being received at  3:21pm was received in our inbox at 4:58.

Does anyone know what could cause this?
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This isn't a Lync issue at all. Lync does not handle, process, or really have any direct involvement with voicemail functionality. Lync only handles realtime communications. If you are using it for enterprise voice, the calls that are unanswered or transferred directly to voicemail are sent to another (non-Lync) server and that server is solely responsible for recording, timestamping, and processing your voicemails.

So since you haven't stated which voicemail vendor you use, I could only begin to speculate. You'd have more luck posting in a zone for that software than you would for Lync or VoIP. Just a suggestion.
MattyS82Author Commented:
Thanks for the response. As far as I can tell we are using the outlook webapp. I will post another question there.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
As far as you can tell?? If you don't manage your voicemail server, you should tart with them. Nobody at EE will be able to help you if you don't have the appropriate access or knowledge. Outlook WebApp is also not a voicemail server.

Somewhere there is a server that actually handles the SIP traffic passed off rom Lync. Voicemail servers are never set-it-and-forget-it. There should be no "as far as I can tell." Somebody, I am confident, knows what it is and how to manage it. How do you give a new hire a voicemail box? It isn't through Lync, I know that. This is what I mean by someone knowing. Even simple HR tasks will touch the voicemail server.
MattyS82Author Commented:
Don't you think if there was a Lync or UC specialist I would them? Instead of going on this site and asking? Without knowing the actual context and background of why I am asking this question you have jumped to a blatant assumption. Alas, the patronizing tone of your recent answer is not warranted nor appreciated.
MattyS82Author Commented:
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