Slow opening folder contects in File Open window in MS WORD

Open File WindowESet SettingsESet Temporary Disable ProtectionI have a Windows 7 PC with Office 2010. The user complains that whenever  he click File/Open, the Open windows pops up, but when he selects a folder on the left window pane, it takes a long time to display the documents in selected folder.

First, I was looking for any mapped drives that are old and no longer valid, but they were all good and I was open mapped drives from my computer.
Second I checked Printers folder to see if it has any old dead / non-existing printers, but did not see any.
Third, I temporarily disabled ESET Protection for 10 minutes and Bingo, opening different folders in "File Open" window in MS WORD was a snap.
So for now I can conclude that ESET was acting up for some reason.
Now it has been more than 10 minutes since ESET was temporarily and ESET protection is turned backed on, but there is no problem opening folders/files in WORD.

I have seen these happen with Norton AV or SpyDoctor or AVG. All are fine for months and years, but all of sudden these AV programs make the computer run very slow.

Any suggestions to as to what could caused the delay?
And why it runs ok now without adding exclusions/exceptions to ESET?

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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sglee--ESET is known to be slow opening files which could contain executable code.  
But it is going to be hard to fix a problem which you already fixed.  A somewhat drastic experiment would be to use System Restore to a date when you had the problem.  Does the problem reappear?  If so, before you actually run System Restore again to go back (actually forward) to the state when everything works, click the button "Scan for affected programs".  That will show what programs are going to be changed and might offer a hint as to what is causing the slow down.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
I added exclusions to ESET software (Mapped drives and C:\Programs Files\Microsoft office folder)and it seems to be running much faster afterwards.
I will let the user tell me their experience in the next few days.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
The computer is running much faster having added exclusions to ESET software (Mapped drives and C:\Programs Files\Microsoft office folder.

Thank you for your help.
sglee--Glad to have helped.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
It is almost mandatory to add exclusions on major applications and folders no matter what Aniti-Virus software you get installed - AVG, Norton, ESET, SpyDoctor, Kaspersky ... they have all given me and other users fair amount of grief over the years.
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