Change Currency Symbol on Multiple Fields

Hi Experts
I have a form which has in excess of 100 Currency Fields used in a quoting system. These fields have a $ currency symbol as set in the Control Tab of the properties of each field. Is there an easy (or quick) way to display these fields in the document with a different Currency Symbol, for example EUR (other than creating a copy of the form and having to change the properties of every currency field)?  I would like an end result of the user being able to select which currency to display (not concerned with conversions).
(Not sure if this is a simple solution, or there is a clever complex method, so happy to increase points if the latter is true.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
AFAIK the currency symbol is fetched from the O/S, in the International settings. If it isn't, there might be a currency setting in the quoting system (for it seems rather dangerous to me to change the symbol and not the values...).
an_cwcAuthor Commented:
Yes, I believe the currency is fetched from the O/S if you have "User Setting" selected for 'Use preferences from' on Control tab of properties of the field. However, if you select "Custom" instead of "User setting" then you can select the Currency Symbol from a drop down list. Also the quoting system is a customised database developed by me in lotus notes. If I can figure out how to easily change the curency symbol (without the method described above), then changing the values will be easy to change.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You could try to modify the form using the R8.5+ Designer, using the source of the form (in XML). Since it's plain text, you can simply search the currency and replace it. IN theory that is, I never changed the currency symbol (but I changed other things that way).
If you want to use the standard number fields with the built in currency display of a number field and change all the currency symbols in one is to set the 'Preferences for display formatting':'Use preferences form' to 'User setting', not 'Custom'.  But note that this might require to close the notes client and start it again to pick up the change, so not very dynamic.

Another way would be to put all those fields in a subform, and use those in a Computed subform part of the form.
A computed subform is calculated upon opening the document, so when changing the currency, the displayed form should be closed and re-opened to display the other subform.
(You can still use DXL and use text-based search and replace to not have to edit all the fields)
This would require a separate subform for each chooseable currency, and the opening and closing of the form is again not very dynamic.

Another option is to computed for display fields displaying the currency symbol outside the fields, and remove the currency symbols from the current fields. This would be dynamic, but would change how the fields look.

Yet another option would be to use an XPage. In XPages the currency symbol can be dynamically computed, giving you the choice of wich symbol to display. Very dynamic, full control of layout, and you gain the experience to futureproof your Domino Designer knowledge, since XPages enables you to give your users solutions that in classic Designer are impossible.

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an_cwcAuthor Commented:
At this stage I'm not too familiar with xml, DXL or XPages, so I have some work to do. Thank you for all the suggestions. Splitting the points as you've both helped.
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