Bulk delete contacts from a distribution group

In Exchange 2010, from over 1000 external contacts, i have a distribution group with over 300 members.
Basically the customer wants to fill-in correct and full information for those 300 contacts, so i exported them to excel. Now that the customer  finished all his work updating the excel table, i need to delete those 300 contacts, then import them and assign them to the group. How do i do that?

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A PowerShell script could a good option here. If you could give me the header row and one example contact data row of the excel file, I could try creating a PowerShell script. Contact data row may not contain actual data, but similar to what you have in your environment.
GreatSolutionsC.I.OAuthor Commented:
Here is a sample .xls with the data and header.

GreatSolutionsC.I.OAuthor Commented:
Please try the following code. It takes input from c:\contacts.xlsx file. It deletes contacts by using their mail address. You will have to modify OrganizationalUnit in the following line.

New-MailContact -Name $CDisplayName -ExternalEmailAddress $CMailAddress -OrganizationalUnit "UserContacts"

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Also, please modify Distribution group name in the following line.

Add-DistributionGroupMember "All-Users" -member $CMailAddress

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Following is the complete code. This you have to execute from Exchange Management Shell. Please test it with couple of contact objects before running for all contacts. It takes the number of rows in the excel sheet as input, this number includes header row as well.

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$RowCount = Read-Host "Number of Rows"
$xl = New-Object -COM "Excel.Application"
$xl.Visible = $false
$wb = $xl.Workbooks.Open("C:\contacts.xlsx")
$ws = $wb.Sheets.Item(1)
for ($Row = 2; $Row -le $RowCount; $Row++) {
	$CFirstName = $ws.cells.item($Row, 1).value()
	$CLastName = $ws.cells.item($Row, 2).value()
	$CMailAddress = $ws.cells.item($Row, 3).value()
	$CAddress = $ws.cells.item($Row, 4).value()
	$CCity = $ws.cells.item($Row, 5).value()
	$CZip = $ws.cells.item($Row, 6).value()
	$CCountry = $ws.cells.item($Row, 7).value()
	$CCompany = $ws.cells.item($Row, 8).value()
	$CPhone = $ws.cells.item($Row, 9).value()
	$CFax = $ws.cells.item($Row, 10).value()
	$CMobile = $ws.cells.item($Row, 11).value()
	$CNotes = $ws.cells.item($Row, 12).value()
	$Alias = "$CFirstName"+"$CLastName"
	$CDisplayName = "$CFirstName"+" $CLastName"
	Remove-MailContact -Identity $CMailAddress -Confirm:$False
	New-MailContact -Name $CDisplayName -ExternalEmailAddress $CMailAddress -OrganizationalUnit "UserContacts"
	Set-Contact -Identity $CDisplayName -City $CCity -Company $CCompany -CountryOrRegion $CCountry -Fax $CFax -Firstname $CFirstName -LastName $CLastName -MobilePhone $CMobile -Notes $CNotes -Phone $CPhone -PostalCode $CZip -StreetAddress $CAddress
	Add-DistributionGroupMember "All-Users" -member $CMailAddress

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GreatSolutionsC.I.OAuthor Commented:
Excellent excellent excellent. Not only it exactly did the job, now i also learned really powerful stuff with endless possibilities. Thank you very much!!

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