Linksys SLM2048 simultaneous blinking lights and factory reset

I have a Linksys SLM2048 switch which has all the green lights on active ports flashing at the same time.  I can't seem to find much documentation on what this means.  My assumption is broadcast storm but I'm not so entirely convinced.  I'd also love to know how to factory reset it because the manual mentions logging in and doing it but unfortunately no one in the this company knows the password and I don't either (having just come in).  the default of admin admin doesn't work - the switch doesn't say it's wrong it just times out saying 'no response from server.'  Any help is most appreciated.
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AlexiosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check this

But, are you sure that no specific configuration exists, vlans etc?
You understand that if you reset it the configuration will be deleted
Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If it's doing it only on the ports into which network cables are plugged, it sounds like a Broadcast Storm.

If all ports are doing it whether there are cables plugged into them or not, it definitely sounds like a hardware problem... the SLM2048 is one of Cisco's Small Business models, which carry a lifetime warranty (until 5 years or so after they're declared End of Life). You pay to send it back to Cisco (call them first for an RMA number) and they'll overnight you a replacement as soon as they receive yours.
ShaneAuthor Commented:
The lights are only flashing simultaneously on the ports with network cables plugged into them.  I think it's a broadcast storm as well but wanted to check and was a bit surprised I couldn't find any documentation on what the flashing lights mean.  Thanks for the heads up re the warranty though!

Thank you very much for that information.  I am well aware that a factory reset will lose configuration.  I don't know exactly what the configuration is because I can't get into the switch but I'm pretty sure there is minimal vlan configuration, and some port configurations because some ports aren't working and I think they've been assigned to a dummy vlan.  That's the problem - I'm in between a rock and a hard place because I want access to the switch to troubleshoot this apparent broadcast storm but I can't get into it :(.  Thanks though for the info regarding the hardware reset.
Broadcasts should show up everywhere on the LAN, so you should be able to see them with Wireshark installed on any host.
ShaneAuthor Commented:
Installed Wireshark.  In a 2-minute capture got 35% of packets broadcast-related.  Haven't had the time to delve further yet but they are most ARP.  Is 35% broadcast high?
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