Strange networking problem

Hi, i have a strange problem. I just installed windows server 2012 on a server used for testing. I can resolv any public internet domain except mozilla.* ( and .org)

I cant even get through using IPs of mozilla sites... But all other sites so far works fine. Its like mozilla is blocked somehow. Checked IPv6 issues, disabled IPv6 on server and in DNS server. Even set up hosts file with correct IPs. Cleared dns cache in windows and i firefox. Turned off IPv6 in firefox. I have no problems from any other computer on the LAN, including a virtualbox VM on the same server.... Firewalls are checked also.
i486dx266Senior DevOps ConsultantAsked:
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How is the server configured for DNS?  Specifically, what does ipconfig /all show for DNS servers, is the 2012 server configured to provide DNS, and how is that configured?

What happens if you do
i486dx266Senior DevOps ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Ok, it's set up with the domain controller as DNS server. No other settings. DNS suffix settings are windows default. DNS server works on all other servers and clients, just not this one - Strange, because i installed the OS just yesterday and only set up virtualbox on it. Also checked VBox bridge adapter settings=Ok

nslookup resolves to wich is strange. Also set up conditional forwarders for the mozilla domainnames now, but no change.
Provide output of

ipconfig /all

from this server so we can see the ip settings

Also setup Forwarders in the DNS console(not Conditional Forwarders - delete those)
Open DNS Console - right click the server name and select properties
In the Forwarders tab add

Then see if things work(note these dns entries are from OpenDNS and Google)
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i486dx266Senior DevOps ConsultantAuthor Commented:

For IPconfig see attachment.

Of cource i have forwarders configured in my DNS already. I use those of my ISP and of OpenDNS. Conditional forwarders are used for resolving a certain domain using another forwarder which is something i wanted to just test. Btw, just setting the DNS of my ISP on a server  does not give better resolution - this leads me to beleive that my AD DNS is not the issue.

As i cannot also connect using the IP of certain websites i suspect there is an other problem besides DNS. DNS worked perfectly for many months untill i introduced Windows 2012. Then one of the 2012 servers had this problem. Now i have a hyper-v server 2012 R2 that hosts 2008 R2 guests and now some of those guests are getting networking issues aswel.

Funny thing though. I enabled DHCP on one of those 2008 R2 servers, then set the same static IP as before and it works again... I'm thinking maybe server 2012 have some driver issues.

Anyway, as much as i'd like to take advantage of the new features in 2012 R2, i think i have to revert to 2008 R2.
No attachment...

Ok sounds like you are setup correctly for DNS at least

Haven't had much experience with 2012 yet so yes it might be something in relation to that new system...@CompProbSolv might have more insight on that one...
A couple of other results would be helpful:
(note the period at the end)
also run a tracert to the correct ip of
i486dx266Senior DevOps ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Sorry, Attaching again. Tracert also attached.
Please don't blank out the contents of ipconfig...we can't tell anything from that with all the xxx in the way

This is a private ip address range and there is no security risk to showing us this info...
A few things are clear.
Based on the tracert you are having no trouble gettong to the IP address for  There are other reasons that you cannot see it with a web browser that probably do not matter.
The real problem is in how your workstation is adding the suffix when doing nslookup.  I would bet that if you point your browser to it will work.
There is a setting to change this but I am afraid that I do not know it offhand.  I would suggest searching for it.  Let us know if you do not find it.
i486dx266Senior DevOps ConsultantAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help. Sorry about the censoring of the IP ranges, it's company policy. (Don't ask me why, i could still have gotten in to any net without knowing any IP ranges if i want to, just takes a bit longer). Anyway... ;-)

As i show in the attachment, this is how the settings for DNS in IPv4 is by default in Win 2K8 R2 (and 2K12).

I think what CompProbSolv meant was to not append parent suffix, however it should not be neccessary to deviate from the defaults as DNS resolution should work out of the box.


I installed Win2K8 R2 on the server, problem solved. I suppose there are some difference in how Win 2012 does DNS, but strangely the default settings are still the same.

I have no time to pursue this further at the time, so i guess its still a bit early to take 2012 uot of testing and into production.

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I def agree on the 2012 and production...I'm not installing it yet either so no arguements there ;)
i486dx266Senior DevOps ConsultantAuthor Commented:
That was the solution
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