SharePoint2013, Doc-Server-Properties not loaded correctly


I'll get an error while trying to access the server properties of a word document from a Sharepoint2013 document library.

Roughly translated into english the message box says:

Microsoft InfoPath
At least one ActiveX-Control couldn't be displayed.

Possible reasons:

1) The Actual policies prevent the execution of ActiveX controls at that page
2) The publisher of one of the ActiveX controls is blocked.

Therefor the page isn't displayed correctly.

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Here are my questions:

How can I identify the right control which seems to be blocked by our GPO's ?

It must be a control that's new since SharePoint 2013, because one half of the document properties is working fine.

Just the part where the control tries to access more central-organized-data from sharepoint seems to be not working.

Is there a GPO expert out there who can name me the policy data set entry where I have edit ?

Thank you in advance.
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Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
What are your exact steps?  What are you clicking?  How do you know that "one half of the document properties are working fine"?
Sa5chaAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late answer, I had a few days off work:

>>>What are your exact steps?  What are you clicking?  

* I click at a word document from a sp2013 document library
* then the document is opened in MS Word Web App , then I click open in Word
* In Word2010, then I click checkout (yellow bar on top of the document)
* then I click on properties (of that document) to see all its properties, the properties are shown right above the word document
* and now I have a problem ...
   ... in our citrix environment with GPOs enabled half of that properties can't be set or displayed, because an activex control seems to be blocked (thats the MsgBox I was speaking of)
   ... on a citrix server without GPOs all properties are beeing displayed and and working fine

* if I go to Word > File > Properties (an alternative way to show and set all doucument properties) , I can set and show all properties (with or without active GPOs)

Some of the document properties  are managed in the web app itsself, but some of them are located in a different web app (or from the central taxonomy store).

My assumption is that the control that displays the properties right above in a word document, is build together with more than one ActiveX Control. In my example the control that displays the properties which are located outside of the web app are blocked.

Can someone name me the ActiveX Controls that are used in Word to display the Document Properties?
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Here is some info on ActiveX used for SharePoint/Office integration.

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Sa5chaAuthor Commented:
This looks like ActiveX Controls which are used in a browser, in my example I am already in the Windows Word programm (not Word Web App) , do you perhaps have a list of ActiveX Controls used in MS Word ?  Perhaps then I will be able to identify the DLL which is responsible for manageing the property bar which is displayed above a document, for editing the document properties which comes from different sources (in my case) from different locations at a sharepoint server.
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