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I have a recurring meeting every fortnight for about 10 people in outlook 2010 calendar. However not everyone attends this meeting everytime.

Is there a way to send meeting attendees a request to which they have to respond to indicate if they're attending or not?

Thank you.
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ezekielseyesConnect With a Mentor Commented:

unfortunately I cannot think of any Outlook mechanism that allows you to individually respond to a recurring meeting (e.g. decline all but one or the like).

You could either use the standard mechanism and send the meeting to all attendees. They then have to accept the initial meeting (so all are accepted) and individually decline the meetings where they do not attend (unfortunately this has to be done one by one). - In this case it is really helpful if you add an "End by" date to your meeting.

Another option could be to send out more than just one meeting. (e.g. if the participants change every 2 weeks or so it may makes sense to send out 2 different meetings).

Maybe you can also provide some more details on how the meeting is organized (are users usually only participating once or at a certain time interval?)
anya_morrisAuthor Commented:
Users participate in a meeting lasting one hour.

I think i will go with the option of sending a second meeting invititation at exactly same time as the recurring meeting to get people to decline or accept .

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